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About Stragen Pharma (Switzerland Area)

We are a privately-owned, international healthcare company based in Geneva (Switzerland). Founded in 1990, Stragen Healthcare Group initially focused on the development, registration and worldwide distribution of generic and generic+ drug products with franchise in hospital supplies and women's health and more recently on biopharmaceuticals. Leveraging on our strong pharmaceutical expertise, we increased the scope of our activities and developed several related business units: New Molecules, Consumer Health, Engineering and Services. Stragen employs about 100 collaborators and exports in more than 60 countries through an extensive network of local partners and affiliates.


About Stragen Darou

STRAGEN DAROU which is the Iran Affiliate of Stragen Pharma SA, was established on January 2016 with a qualified team of employees experienced in pharmaceutical, medical and regulatory practice.

Our Head Office is located in the center of Tehran, in a 300 m2 building, close to the major Health Authorities (Ministry of Health, Food and Drug Organization), Medical Schools (Tehran University of Medical Science), Referral Pharmacies (Red Crescent, 13 Aban, 29 Farvardin) and Private Clinics of well-known University Professors.


Our Vision is to transform STRAGEN DAROU into a Million Euro pharmaceutical company in Iran by 2018 and be ranked top 20 among all pharmaceutical companies in Iran market by a differentiated locally adapted portfolio and the best performing teams.


Our Mission is to import and commercialize high quality pharmaceuticals products from Stragen Pharma Switzerland Area and also from other European manufacturers in western Europe for the benefit of our patients.

We are a preferred partner for technology transfer for advanced pharmaceutical formulations.

We are committed to supply our domestic market constantly.


Honesty: Our employees insist on maximum responsibility on their own part in order to work in accordance with ethical values.

Social responsibility:  Our company is committed to generating a positive work climate to ensure satisfaction and motivation for our employees and to cooperate in social progress while preserving the environment.

Commitment: Our employees feel as a part of the Stragen Darou and every one of them is committed in their work to play their part in achieving the company’s mission.

Excellence: We are committed to being an excellent company with excellent people. We work on a daily basis to optimize, maximize and assure the quality of our products and services.

Leadership: Leadership: We are all committed to fulfilling our responsibilities efficiently. We want leaders at all levels of the organization who are capable of managing their own work.

Teamwork: To meet tasks, our service must be superior. This can only be achieved through teamwork. We all work together to generate synergies, prioritizing the achievement of common goals.

Customer service:  We want to create value for our internal and external customers. We work to achieve maximum satisfaction for them.

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